Analysing thousands of bacterial genomes:
gene annotation, metabolism and regulation

Practical information


The training will take place at the Novotel Marseille Vieux Port.


Shuttle bus from the airport to the train station (Marseille Saint-Charles)

Solution 1: taxi from airport to hote

The airport is located outside Marseille, the taxi from the airport to the hotel costs between 50 and 60€

Solution 2: shuttle from airport to station + taxi from station to hotel

There is a very convenient shuttle service from the airport to the central train station, with one departure every 15 minutes, and costs 8.5€.

Ater having reached the bus/train station, here is no direct way to reach the hotel by public transportation. The taxi from the station to the hotel costs about 10€. I would thus recommend to take the taxi to reach the hotel from the station.

Autobuses and metros in Marseille

Régie des Transports de Marseille: