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Jacques van Helden
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The course has been conceived for students in biology, biochemistry, bioengineering or biomedical sciences with no prior experience in bioinformatics. It does not suppose any prerequisite in programming or algorithmics.


The present web site contains the teaching material for the course of Introduction to Bioinformatics.

This course inroduces the basic questions that can be addressed with bioinformatics approaches, and gives practical examples and exercises on the use of software tools. The emphasis is placed on the acquisition of practical competences rather than on theory.

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The notes and slides are available in pdf format. slides are exported in various formats:

Each course is followed by a session of practical training, starting with a tutorial, where the user is guided through the use of bioinformatics tools, followed by some exercises.

Chapter Presentations Last update
Introduction to the course ppt pdf 6spp 2011/10/18
Study case: color vision ppt pdf 6spp 2011/10/18
Biomolecular databases ppt pdf 6spp 2011/10/18
Sequence analysis
    Mutations and homology - concepts
ppt pdf 6spp
    Dot plots and substitution matrices
ppt pdf 6spp
    Pairwise alignment with dynamical programing
ppt pdf 6spp
    Sequence similarity search in databases
ppt pdf 6spp
    Multiple sequence alignment
ppt pdf 6spp
    Motif detection
Phylogeny ppt pdf 6spp 2009/05/23
Genome analysis ppt pdf 6spp
Transcriptome ppt pdf 6spp
Interactome ppt pdf 6spp
Analysis of regulatory sequences Complete course practical
Analysis of metabolic pathways ppt pdf 6spp 2008/12/08
Structure ppt pdf 6spp

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