1 Introduction

This tutorial explains how to install, configure and use a Regulatory Sequence analysis Tool (RSAT) server installed on a Virtual Machine (VM).

2 Prerequisite

To run this tutorial, you first need to install the VirtualBox software (https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads).

3 Importing the Virtual Machine archive (ova file)

3.1 Download

RSAT virtualboxes can be downloaded from the RSAT distribution site.

  • Open a connection to any RSAT server (http://rsat.eu/).
  • In the left-side menu, click on the Download link.
  • Enter your coordinates and click GO. You will be redirected towards the download server.
  • In the download Web site, the link virtual_machines.
  • Download the version of your choice (current version: rsat-vm-2018-05.ova).

3.2 Importing an appliance into VirtualBox

  • In the VirtualBox menu, select the command File > Import Appliance ….
  • In the import dialog box, click on the folder icon, and locate the appliance file (rsat-vm-2018-05.ova) that you downloaded from the RSAT Web site, and click on Continue.
  • In the Appliance settings dialog box (snapshot), check the option Reinitialize MAC address of all network cards.
  • Click the Import button.